While the pandemic rages on, it’s all too easy to forget about the healthcare heroes that are waking up every day, going to work long hours to make us healthy and safe. They need your support and encouragement, now more than ever. We’ve compiled a few simple ways to show your gratitude for these heroes and their hard work.


Send food to a local hospital


If you know a healthcare provider who would appreciate a meal, buy them a gift card to a local restaurant or a coffee shop for a much needed caffeine break. Or, make an even bigger impact by calling your local hospital and delivering meals for the entire ER staff one day. Reach out to the hospitals in your area to see if they would be willing to help coordinate a food delivery.


Make care packages


Doctors and nurses are likely working much longer hours than normal. Consider putting together a care package of things they might need when working long shits: chapstick, a moisturizer for hands and face, comfortable socks, and high energy snacks and bottled water. Call your local hospital’s front desk to see what kinds of items the hospital is able to receive during this time. Be sure to include a hand written note expressing your gratitude – it will make a healthcare worker’s day.


Donate extra PPE for essential workers


Do you have disposable masks, gloves, face shields or gowns lying around your house – or even extra hand sanitizer you bought? Call your local hospital and see if they are accepting donations. If not you can donate these life saving supplies to a local nursing home or long term care facility. If you don’t have extra PPE to donate, consider contributing to a local crowdfunding campaign to purchase PPE in your area for healthcare workers in need. Get Us PPE and HumankindNOW are great campaigns to donate to.


Whatever you chose to do to show your gratitude, remember that a small act of generosity goes a long way to those who are needing it the most right now.