HCT: How we are Caring for our Community

Giving back is ingrained in HCT’s corporate culture. Over the last 3 years HCT’s charitable program, ‘Caring for our Community’ has donated over $100,000 to charities across the country.   


The program donates to a different charity each month, each one selected by a different HCT employee. Caring for our Community has supported over 20 national charities to date, including the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, Autism Awareness and St. Jude.

“Giving is the essence of healthcare.”, says Jacob Kupietzky, President of HCT.  “At HCT we are appreciative that we have the benefit of helping improve healthcare and we value the role we can play in helping better the lives of those in our communities as well.”

As a company that has prioritized health and health care for over a decade, HCT employees felt an additional urgency to act when COVID-19 hit home. HCT’s employees leapt into action, donating thousands to Feeding America, a nonprofit that feeds over 46 million Americans in soup kitchens, food pantries and shelters across the country. 
Emily Dobbins, HCT’s administration manager explains: “during this pandemic I think it’s fantastic that HCT is supporting Feeding America. I especially felt worried about children not being able to eat while they can’t be at school. It is truly awesome that HCT gives back to causes that are important to each team member.” Judy Kruszon, senior director of Talent Services, notes “working for a company that gives to a variety of charities throughout the year makes me feel proud, and it sets us apart as a company.”


If you’d like to learn more about HCT’s Caring for Our Community program, please email info@thinkhct.com.


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