An interim can bring incredible value to your healthcare organization during times of crisis and change. As your key C-suite and executive staff members are suddenly promoted, take a hiatus, or leave the organization all together, we understand that you are left in a time of critical need. Whether the departure was planned or unplanned, the work of your organization and the health needs of the community you serve won’t stop.


These director and manager positions can take months and even years to fill with a proper, qualified candidate. The interview process alone can take an entire month. It’s estimated that the cost of a healthcare vacancy can range from $8,000 – $14,000 per day! The longer it takes to replace that valuable team member, the more devastating the impacts are to your healthcare organization financially. On top of this, operations, team morale and overall patient satisfaction can also suffer.


An interim leader will bring tremendous value to your team and a positive return on your initial investment. During times of transition in your organization’s leadership you need a leader to keep up the momentum, direct the organizational agenda to stay on track and pave the way for a more permanent leader who comes next to have a seamless transition.


HCT can help your organization find the right C-suite executives, managers and department heads for your healthcare organization immediately. Our interim leaders are self-motivated, driven and at the top of their respective fields. They come to you with decades of work and academic experience, on-the-job flexibility and professionalism. They are adept at handling change, welcome challenges and thrive in new environments. Our leaders are the perfect way to bridge the gap during this difficult position for your organization.

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